Agar.Fun now on mobile platforms

Agario.Fun, which has become a phenomenon in a short time on the internet and attracts thousands of gamers, is increasing its entertainment by moving to mobile platforms. With the simple control system developed for smartphones and tablets, it becomes much easier to play the game.

At Agario.Fun we are directing a small cell and growing by eating small spots around. We are also trying to swallow players who are smaller than us at this time, and we are as far away from bigger cells as possible. When it comes to the place where we can define the word “big fish swallowing small fish” as a game, we can divide it into more cells to get into our world, or we can get rid of it by feeding small cells with one that will help us when we are in a difficult situation. Just like on a computer, there are some very small mistakes that are offered free of charge. These mistakes are expected to be resolved together with future updates.

mobile version and site address


full version and site address



Happy playing!   –   agariofun

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