How to Play Agario.Fun?

The console and computer games offered graphics and web based games to the second plan. Web-based games fall back on the planet today Agario game came out. Played only through the browser, this Agario has gained great popularity for gamers.

Mouse and, occasionally, the keyboard, Agario is talking about his name with his multi-player support. What is Agar? How to play? What are the tricks? We answer these questions for you.

What is Agario?

Agario is a multiplayer-type game played through the browser. It is played with mouse and keyboard. Your goal in the vote; Collect your little bubbles to feed your opponents without feeding and enlarge your character and eat smaller competitors.

If you can reach your character in very large sizes, you can divide the keyboard with the “Space” key. If you reach the big size again, you can eat quickly by sending parts to your competitors with the “W” button.

How to Play Agario.Fun?

To play Agario.Fun, click here to login to the game site. Then select yourself a “Nick” and join the game by selecting your region from the “Select a Region” section.

Since your character does not have a level system, your character and your nick will be reset each time you play. Grow by collecting small pieces that do not name on the mouse. Once you have reached the sufficient size, approach your opponents who write on smaller names and eat them and speed up your development.

You can play the game individually or as a team. However, as it is web based, team mode is not a mode you can play with your friends as you would guess. In the team mode, the player, who is the same as your color, shows up in the leading table. The players in the same color are taking their place in the leader table with the points they have collected.

Agario.Fun cheating Is there?

There is not a comic for the game at the moment. However, forums such as Reddit are said to be able to cheat with the Cheat Engine program. We will give you tips only about the game to stay away from illegal situations like cheating.

To succeed in the Agario game, your character first grows by eating small particles. Then look after your competitors who are smaller than you and grow up by eating them.

Once you have reached the size required for the split, perform the split operation with the “Space” key. The division will give you an advantage over your little competitors. If you can not catch your opponent, you can eat it by sending it with the “W” key.

How to open icons like Russia Flag on Agario.Fun?

Agario.Fun has special icons according to the countries. In order to use them, you can use special symbols like Russia Flag by entering one of the following codes into the “Nick” section which appears in the first opening of the game.


Country flags

argentina, australia, austria, bangladesh, belarus, belgium, bosnia, botswana, brazil, bulgaria, cambodia, canada, chile, china, croatia, denmark, estonia, european union, finland, france, german empire, germany, greece, indonesia, hong kong, hungary, imperial japan, india, indiana, iran, iraq, ireland, italy, jamaica, japan, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, maldivas, mexico, netherlands, nigeria, north korea, norway, pakistan, peru, poland, portugal, prussia, romania, russia, scotland, sealand, south korea, spain, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, texas, thailand, tsarist russia, turkey, ukraine, united kingdom, usa,

Other Bonus Icons, 4chan, 8ch, 9gag, ayy lmao, bait, cia, confederate, doge, ea, earth, facepunch, feminism, hitler, isis, kc, mars, matriarchy, moon, nazi, origin, patriarchy, pewdiepie, piccolo, prodota, qing dynasty, quebec, reddit, sanik, satanist, sir,  stalin, steam, stussy, tumblr, vinesauce, wojak, yaranaika

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Agar.Fun now on mobile platforms

Agario.Fun, which has become a phenomenon in a short time on the internet and attracts thousands of gamers, is increasing its entertainment by moving to mobile platforms. With the simple control system developed for smartphones and tablets, it becomes much easier to play the game.

At Agario.Fun we are directing a small cell and growing by eating small spots around. We are also trying to swallow players who are smaller than us at this time, and we are as far away from bigger cells as possible. When it comes to the place where we can define the word “big fish swallowing small fish” as a game, we can divide it into more cells to get into our world, or we can get rid of it by feeding small cells with one that will help us when we are in a difficult situation. Just like on a computer, there are some very small mistakes that are offered free of charge. These mistakes are expected to be resolved together with future updates.

mobile version and site address


full version and site address



Happy playing!   –   agariofun

Agario.Fun – Agario Fun Mode

Since the agar game is an open source game, a lot of agar private servers have appeared. has become one of the most played MMORPG games in the world.

The most played MMORPG game of the year 2015 was again the agar. A Agario is a game where you can feed with the W key, divide by Space, and play a smaller player. There are countries, great social networks and a lot of skin in the vote.

Also with our new system you can now install and use the game skin. You can also grow easier now that we have fun on the agar system we have created! You are invited to play with us on Agario.Fun, which is one of the games that you can have fun with your friends at your computer.

We all want plenty of fun games.

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